book-cover-homeHave you ever felt like an outsider? Like you just didn’t fit in? Even if it was just for a moment, can you remember how uncomfortable it felt? Or maybe you’ve felt like an outcast for a long time. Whatever your circumstances may be, most girls, at some point, fear that they aren’t fitting in. I certainly had my share of those experiences.

This is a book about belonging, bullying, abuse, popularity, being the new girl, drugs, alcohol, friendships, boyfriends and…sex. You may wonder how all of this fits together, but believe me, it does! And when the pressures of life pile up and no one seems to understand you, it’s quite possible you’ll be forced to confront the issues. Sometimes, you may deal with your problems constructively, but other times, you may slip and fall. Do things you’ll later regret. Engage in risky behaviors. Say words you can never take back. And sometimes, for some of you, you’ll find yourself “in the back seat with Prince Charming.” And from that experience, you may find yourself pregnant…just like I did.

Now for the big questions: How do you deal with those uncomfort- able feelings? What are you willing to do to fit in? What do you do when you feel like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster? Do you keep your feelings bottled up inside of you? Do you explode? Do you ever do or say things you later regret?

In this book, you will get an inside look at my story. After learning about my experiences, I think you’ll agree that impulsive actions and bad decisions have a way of catching up with you. And many times, the consequences of those choices are permanent. Irreversible. Forever.

For young adults ages 12 and up!